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24K becomes the ninth Reliv nutritional formula to earn a US patent, joining Reliv Classic® for essential daily nutrition, Innergize!® for isotonic hydration, FibRestore® for digestive health, Cellebrate® for weight loss, Arthaffect® for joint health, ReversAge® for anti-aging, GlucAffect® for blood sugar management and ProVantage® for performance nutrition.

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                                                                                                                         I Want to Be Healthy-

                                                                  I Want to Stay Healthy!!! 
You Can be Part of Something Great
  • Outstanding Products
  • An Exceptional Business
  • A Life-changing Foundation......                                                                                                    
You Can Take Control of Your Health!

You can Work From Home!

You Can Make a Difference in the World!

   Reliv has the products and business opportunity that enable the   

   solution oriented person to take action to change their life!!!     

                DON'T JUST LIVE. RELIV!!!!           

Reliv-Advanced Nutrition Made Simple
Products, which include multiple patents, target the following: basic optimal and complete nutrition, digestive health, blood sugar management, heart health, joint health, athletic performance, women's health, kid's health, skin care and anti-aging.


Reliv: Your Answer For Better Health and Financial Freedom!


  • Clinically Shown to Promote Optimal Fitness
  • American Medical Association Recommends a Balanced Daily Supplement to Help Maintain Good Health
  • No Longer Just a Good Idea--Essential to Maintaining Health and Vitality

Complete, Optimal Nutrition in just 2 shakes a day!

Reliv's Patents are shown below, a testimony to the excellence of this great company!!!

Doug and Linda Thalman
Independent Reliv Distributors
Phone: 231 223 7663
Doug's Cell: 231 357 4102
Linda's Cell: 231 357 0876
RCN Number 7638104701
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